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About StrategyFred

At StrategyFred, we specialise in steering organisations through transformative growth and strategic evolution. We blend governance, change management, transformation, scaling strategies, and turnaround expertise to unlock the full potential of your business.

Our approach is rooted in practical, actionable advice designed to not just envision but achieve sustainable success. Whether optimising operations, navigating digital transformations, or preparing for ownership transitions, StrategyFred is your partner in crafting a future-proof business legacy. Join us in redefining what’s possible for your business.

Meet Fred Warner

A Chartered Engineer, Engineering Fellow and Programme Management Professional, Fred has a 25-year leadership career spanning multiple sectors from F1, Aerospace, Rail, Electronics, Leisure, IT, ERP, Saas, IoT to Digital Marketing.

Known for being able to blend strategic vision with actionable solutions, Fred ensures that businesses achieve their long-term objectives while navigating immediate challenges. Fred believes in a partnership model of consultancy, working closely with clients to understand their needs deeply and to enable change through people, process and systems.

Outside of business Fred is a keen F1 fan (having started his career in F1), car enthusiast, music composer & producer, avid Mountain Bike rider, and lover of the outdoors. A family man, Fred enjoys time outdoors having fun together with his wife and children.

Our Services

Transformation & Change Management

StrategyFred enables organisations to plan and deliver transformative change. Our capability covers digital, organisational, operational and cultural, ensuring you can navigate the budgetary constraints with the need to adapt for future growth.

Strategic & Roadmap Planning

With a key strength in strategic planning, creating roadmaps, aligning capability and budgets to create an overarching business plan, we will guide your journey from vision, mission and values to actionable and measurable (with KPIs) planning at a departmental level.


Able to guide you on board and SLT level governance, PMO (project management office), and ISO compliant management systems implementation, StrategyFred will ensure your organisation has effective discipline, accountability, transparency, and momentum.

Growth Strategies

Identify and unlock scalability constraints, analyse market trends, refine business models, and identify additional strategies that will position your business for competitive advantage and profitable expansion. 

Why Choose StrategyFred?

Our unique blend of technology, positioning, transformation, change breadth combined with a human centred change management approach, StrategyFred helps business achieve success through Transformation, where many business traditionally fail.


7Q Methodology

Master any plan in 7 Questions, 7Q method eliminates silos, improves communication and understanding of plans at all levels.


Real-World Expertise

With a solid foundation in real-world applications, StrategyFred brings practical expertise to your business challenges, ensuring solutions are pragmatic and results-driven.


Empathetic Approach

Combining strategic acumen with a deep empathetic understanding of your team’s needs, fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures success at every turn.

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